Did you know that those little flies and pests buzzing around your house can carry over 65 diseases?  Not only that, they can drive you crazy!

As a solution to this problem, TADDY SMACK was invented by mother/germaphobe/entrepreneur to combat flies in her own home.

"A few years ago, in the middle of a hot and humid summer, I had a fly problem in my kitchen.  I was overwhelmed, discouraged, and disgusted; they seemed to be everywhere.  I have never excelled in contact sports; swinging and missing was my norm.  And after having no luck with the standard fly swatter I had on hand, out of desperation, I grabbed my flexible silicone pot cover from the cabinet and gave it a SMACK!  I was shocked!  I could not believe that I had just killed a fly with only one hit!  Within moments, all of the flies were out of the house.  I found a solution!.  I knew I needed this "pot cover" on a stick!".

Her realization led to the formation of Smack Solutions, LLC, a solutions based product development company providing household essentials that have been tested for accuracy, durability, and delight.